Lakepointe Worship Application

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Welcome! Thank you for your interest in auditioning for Lakepointe Worship.

Application Instructions:

  1. Download the specific demo and track to the role you are auditioning for. If there are two songs, please download both and send one video of each.
  2. Use the demo to learn your part and the click track to record your audition. We must be able to hear the click track in your video.
  3. You will need a phone or camera to your record your video (we want to clearly see your face and your instruments/fingers). Use another phone or computer to play the track audio (with the click and guide) and record over it.
  4. We need to hear the click track, the track audio, and your instrument in your recording.
  5. When deciding what to play, cover the main parts/lines of the song, and do your best to sound as close as the demo.
  6. When you are finished recording your video, upload it to YouTube as an unlisted video, copy the link and paste it into your application.
  7. If you are auditioning for vocals, make sure you are in a quiet environment, where you can project your voice and clearly be heard. Stay as close as possible to the demo.
  8. Vocalists – there are two key options per song. One is the original key and the other is a lower one. We encourage you to attempt the original, but want you to choose which one fits you best.
  9. School of Ministry applicants – choose 'Rockwall' for the 'Which campus are you interested in serving?' question below.

Please record your audition song(s) as UNLISTED YouTube video(s) and drop the link(s) in the box provided below. Click on the link and the track and demo will automatically download. Please note song selections by instrument.
Drums: "My Testimony" (A) Elevation Worship
Bass: "Son of Heaven" (C) Brandon Lake / "We Praise You" (A) Brandon Lake
Guitar: "We Praise You"(A) Bethel
Keys: "Jireh" (Db) Maverick City / "We Praise You" (A) Brandon Lake

Male: "God of Revival" (D) Bethel / "Battle Belongs" (C) Phil Wickham
Female: "There's Nothing Our God Can't Do" (C) Passion / "Goodness of God" (Ab) Bethel

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